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Arm Knit Making with Giant Knitting Rope

There is a decoration trend that has been leading for a while. If you are already interested in decoration, it has already entered your radar. I’m talking about giant braids 🙂 Pinterest and Instagram’da decorative squares when I was in the pursuit of my country could not find. Then suddenly on Instagram, I saw an account selling giant knitting wool and products.

When” i contacted rasperytime> I got acquainted with Esra and got some information about wool. I would like to try arm braid, this wool is one for me. Don’t think I’m very patient when I’ve tried a lot of projects on this blog. With continuity, such as knitting works so not for me 🙁 myself am to experience more than the first time. The first time when trying to actually how my biggest motivation about curiosity AcAğIylA a result arise. I repeat with pleasure after this curious little DIY” projects> there.

Anyway, I could not knit, I ordered my wool to try the sleeve. First of all, the softness and warmth of wool are already a source of happiness. For a small knee blanket, take 1 kg of wool and take half an hour. Fluffy wool suddenly turns into a blanket. After you put the stitches on your arm, you start knitting flat with your hands. Knitting will take a lot shorter to adapt to the ruins, but do not be afraid of inexperienced like me, after getting used to a lot of fun 🙂

See how crazy fun I am B

I started by throwing 12 stitches. I have finished my knitting in my ears with the happiness of having a plush toy in my lap. I have to be honest, I wanted too much to use these giant weaves on Instagram, and I gave the right by making a quick entry.

I explained all the details about the construction of the giant arm weave in the video. You can also browse my Instagram profile for some poses.

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