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Application Form and Conditions

TV8’s popular decoration program Güle Güle Oturun decorates your home by evaluating your demands. Produced by Production House, the program is one of the most interesting decoration programs.

Viewers wanting to decorate their house can apply on TV8’s website. You need to write down the application form with information about yourself and your family members, the area you want to decorate, and whether there are events in your life story that will be of interest to the audience. In the form you need to fill out on the website, whether your home is rent, the room you dreamed of, your biggest dream, the most sad event that happened to you, the most interesting thing about yourself, the monthly income of your family, whether you are applying for a TV program or not before. Applicants also sign a commitment.

Selim YUHAY, the presenter of Güle Güle Oturun, presented her decoration program Y Evim Şahane Y (Evim Şahane) on Kanal D television before 2012-2015. Selim YUHAY, whose contract was terminated with Kanal D, signed the first part of the program in September 2016.

The program gives viewers how to rework and decorate their homes in a short time. The dramatic stories of the families participating in the program attract the attention of the audience.


It is completely free to participate in the Goodbye program. Participants are not required to pay any fees after the application and decoration.

Say goodbye to the program, saying you want to decorate your home, but a certain amount of money to those who want to pay absolutely do not respect. Complain to these authorities that they are fraudulent.

What is Going to the Provinces?

Program team evaluates all requests from viewers. It’s not just the big cities, Turkey is considered the requests from anywhere.

What Days are the Program Running?

The first episodes of the Sit Me Goodbye program were broadcast every day of the week. However, TV8’s highest rating of the program was modified by the impact of Survivor.

The Goodbye program is broadcast for one and a half hours in the midday zone on Saturday and Sunday.

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