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All About Our Heart

What do you know about our heart?

E.g; Our heart rhythm strikes more than 100,000 times in the day, our heart rhythm can change according to the music we listen to, the heart of every human being is in the size of its fist, the right ear of the heart is the chamber where the blood returns from the body. Did you know that the right ventricle is composed of the right ventricle, while the left part of the blood comes from the lungs enriched with oxygen?

Let’s learn how we breathe, how our heart changes shape during this time!

We have a very simple activity. Follow us!


– Lockable bag,
– Two colored straws (one red and one blue),
– Two hairy bars (one red and one blue),
– Big red marker pen,
– Silicone gun.

You can use a heart picture if you wish your child to get a reference easily.

Paint the inner surface of the lockable bag with a red marker pen. Then, place one of your red and blue hairy bars with the heart vein (blue) and the other with the artery vein (red). Before this procedure, you should cut your hairy rods into vessels. Stick your blue and red hairy rods with a silicone gun on top of the locked bag.

Place your blue and red pipettes into the lockable bag. Close the lock part until it comes to the pipettes. That’s it!

On the one hand, you can blow the air through the help of colored pipettes; so you can learn how our heart shapes during breathing.

Source: http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/8992/learn-about-the-heart-2#_a5y_p=1215475

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