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Activities in Child Development

Children in the age of 3-7 years are very curious about everything. They try to make sense of the objects around them by asking questions. Therefore, the development of children in various aspects should be supported by child activities. Especially for ages 3, activities are an important start. Following events will contribute to the development of the child’s mind by consolidating the learned.

Fun Activities for Children

Preschool children have the potential to be open to learning. If the fun activities contribute to these characteristics of the child’s mental and physical development will be the most accurate way. Parents should support brain development through activities that will benefit the child regularly. Knowing how your child’s brain works means knowing how to help him.

The vocabulary of children has not developed as much as ours. Therefore, they have difficulty in expressing their feelings. This is like understanding someone who speaks a foreign language. For this, a common communication bridge should be established. For children from 3 years to 7 years of useful activities, a solid foundation for their development. Every child supported by 7 developmental areas will have a creative characteristic. Continuity is provided with the reinforcement features.

Educational Activities at Home

The houses we live in are our training areas. For this reason, parents should know their child, know their interests and loved ones and support their development as well as strengthening family ties with home activities. Every child who starts activities with 3 years of age will start correctly in brain development. The old ones will be reinforced with new things that join each month.
With the activity boxes prepared by Pakolino, who knows the concerns of parents and aims to guide them with the help of experts, you can make pleasant and useful activities at home. Play box options between 2-7 years of age contribute positively to your child’s development.

Pakolino activity boxes are renewed every month. Because children’s development areas are reinforced by repeating. Thanks to these game boxes, families will leave good memories for the future. Because the pakolino educational activity box provides the opportunity to spend time together. Together with 3-7 years activity boxes, children are prepared with sound steps. These boxes contain all the necessary materials for the activity and a renewed theme magazine with the box.

Keep in mind; Activities for children are very important. Families have fun with their children. These are the memories of the boy who cares for his past.

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