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6 Yourself Idea For Christmas Decoration

How’s the Christmas” preparations going we continue to full gas preparation for christmas. share all of christmas this year in youtube channel> . We have 6 different self- recommendations for Christmas. You will find all of the ideas, which are very simple, in our video with detailed descriptions.

To summarize briefly what we do in the video;

We made a very simple and minimalist Christmas tree with LED light. We’re already against cutting down real trees, and the plastic trees aren’t for us. That’s why our tree is both sparkling and eco-friendly.

It doesn’t look like a Christmas. The deers were already very modest this year. I also decided to make the first string art experiment from the deer when it comes to Christmas. Inexpensive string” reindeer> , although inexpensive, can be used for decoration or gift for someone you love.

You remember the concrete” pots> I made before? I got help from the red stars to put concrete pots into the air of Christmas. A simple do-it-yourself idea to easily transform pots, jars or even goblets in the house.

I’ve done an easy, thirsty version of the snow” globe> . Guess what you put into the snow globe? Anyway watch it from the video.

Without Christmas” wreath> , we said no and we went for a nice walk. We also explained in detail the construction of the Christmas wreath that we made with nature.

I finished my new year decoration by decorating the candle holders with remnants of the wreaths. You can watch all the things we prepared for the Christmas decoration and the final version of the house from our Youtube channel;)

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