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5 Amazing Benefits of Playing Your Child's Bare Feet

Let’s face it; The kids don’t like to dress.

The first thing they want to get rid of when they develop hand skills is the stockings covering their tiny feet. One in a shoe that was thrown before anyone saw the baby carriage.

What if the bare feet aren’t that scary? Look barefoot; what benefits do you have for your child to walk, run and play?

1- Bare feet give a natural stance and a way of walking!
Although we wear shoes to protect the feet of our children from negative external influences, these accessories restrict both their ability and ability to harm their natural structure due to their designs. This prevents babies and children from gaining a natural and powerful form of walking.

2- Barefoot strengthens the legs and legs!
A naked, anatomically intact foot is not only a natural walk but also a strong stance. In their most natural form, the feet and legs, which have the experience of walking, running and jumping on different grounds, have a much stronger structure than those who live with shoes because they only get support from them.

3- Bare feet, environmental and body is improving the perception!
Feet are one of the most complex structures in our bodies. It has nearly 200,000 nerve endings with many large and large bones. A child playing barefoot perceives signals from all these nerve endings better because his feet are not imprisoned in a shoe. Thus, he quickly grasps the ground, the distance between the ground and the body and the interaction of the environment with the body.

4- Barefoot children move more carefully!
Children walking through barefoot walking on different floors and the body’s reactions on these grounds better protect themselves against the adversities they can experience. He pays his attention more carefully than children with shoes.

5 – Scratches and tiny cuts in the feet strengthen the immune system!
Of course we’re not talking about big wounds. However, scratches and tiny cuts that may occur in the feet while walking or playing with bare feet not only keep the children’s immune system alert but also strengthen the immune systems that are beginning to work at an early age. These benefits are valid for adults, just like children. But of course, the quality of your time with your child is the most important for his health and happiness. For pleasant and quality times, 3-7 years pedagog approved activity box Don’t forget to remove your shoes and socks as you explore the contents of Pakolino’s 2 year old activity box with your child.

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