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36 sq.m. Apartment Design

Perfect designs can be achieved in tight spaces. If you have a small apartment and its design scares you, we recommend you to review this gallery.

A Area from the Apartment


We present our vision to give you your design ideas. The bedroom area and living room area are designed together and this space looks quite stylish and handy.

View of the Circle Stairs


If your apartment is two-storey, especially in small apartments, the space of the stairs can be designed as very useful. A design like in our image can save storage space.

View of a Different Area of ​​the Apartment


Designed as an apartment bedroom, this comfortable and convenient area is ideal for those who do not want to shrink their choice of remarkable beds.

Apartment’s Kitchen Area


In the area designed as a kitchen, the preferred furniture is selected from a very small space. The harmony of the curtain colors to the design is among the details which include elegance.

Elegance of Apartment Kitchen Cabinets


The modern style of selected furniture in the apartment kitchen area fills the eye. Furniture can be made in this way to create such a beautiful elegance in a small space.

Apartment Storage Area


You can see one of the preferred methods for increasing the storage space in the apartment. Different types of shelves can be stored in this area.

Apartment Bathroom Design


The apartment bathroom is stylishly and conveniently designed in accordance with the overall style of the apartment.

Apartment General Plan


In the last image we share with you the general sketch of the apartment.

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