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22 Garden Landscaping Ideas for a Happy Garden

The gardens are more comfortable because of the fact that everyone who gets bored of houses throws themselves into gardens and parks. In this respect, 22 garden landscaping ideas suitable for gardens, which are tried to be made more comfortable, are suitable for every garden. People who spend more time in the nature after the summer come, they want to spend time in a more elaborate, more comfortable and more elegant garden than in any garden. In this way, the people who spend their time more efficiently enjoy the pleasure of spending time together with their guests. Especially people who have rich design in landscape spend time in garden day and night during summer.

Soil Separate Stone Separate

It is important that the designs made in the gardens have a regular appearance. The areas with soil are separated from the areas covered with pebbles by definite lines. The oval lines are distributed asymmetrically in the region. There are plants in areas with soil and a well-maintained structure stands out. Fenced with garden separated.

Stony Road

It is possible to protect the lawn by making a walkway for those entering the house from a large garden. The lawns are spread over a large area and have a well-maintained appearance. There are floor coverings in the row-square areas, but there are white pebbles in a row at the edge of it.


Large stones and pebbles as well as an area with grass and other plants are clearly separated from each other. In this design there are colorful flowers in the soil area.

Full View

The well-groomed and lively nature of the lawn is separated by flowers collected from nature and the space filled with flowers is separated. The flowers are of a common structure with a tree-type body structure and are not sharp but with an oval image.

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