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20 Do-It-Your-Heel Shoes Renovation Project

If your budget is challenging while trying to keep up with the dazzling speed of fashion, you” should> direct yourself” to projects> like yourself” . today we decided to share the inspiring>heeled shoes renovation projects.

Heel Shoes Refurbishment

Wouldn’t it be better if we returned to the old high-heeled shoes standing in the corners of the house instead of giving tons of money to the shoes that we have seen for a while in fashion shows? To give life to high-heeled shoes is a solution to the bodies that can not find any. You can decorate your shoes with any color you want. You can give the opportunity to accessories that are at your fingertips but not used. Great accessories for attaching pendants and earrings to shoes, for example.

DIY Shoes

If you want to paint the shoes is very simple to do. Primer the color of your shoe and paint it with the colors you choose. You can choose acrylic paints for paint selection. Spray paints can be preferred because it will save you from brush stroke. It is much easier to think about converting high-heeled shoes with tulles, ribbons, fabric ribbons and accessories to this year’s fashion. Don’t forget to choose simple projects in the first trials. For example, by choosing to paste the heel of your shoe beautiful stones Is simple a simple anyone can do it yourself project. For your inspiration, we gathered our favorite things among the high-heeled shoes renovation projects. Good luck with;)

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