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15 Decoration Examples for Very Small Living Rooms

As the cities grew, soils and lands were expensive. As the lands were expensive, the size of the houses decreased. The apartments, which both shrink in size and height, brought us the necessity of living in houses consisting of only one room and one bedroom and even a room and the bathroom and kitchen located around it. We have also provided 15 examples of decoration for this very small living room without losing any time. While sharing these examples of decoration, we also prepared important information such as what should be paid attention to in the decoration of small areas. No matter how small your rooms or houses are, we have put together the practical information you can use. In order to transform an ordinary living room into an elegant and aesthetic space, we gathered the necessary information about everything in a room, from the lamp style to the lamp style, wall colors and wallpapers on the floor, and the curtain on the window. Keep in mind that you need to create comfortable rooms rather than chic, so you can have fun with your loved ones

A homogeneous lighting always works for you

A homogeneous lighting means an equal amount of illumination all over the room. In other words, the entrance of the room is brighter and the edges are not darker. You can use more powerful lamps in the area of ​​the tables, such as a desk or dining table. But just turn them on when you need them, then turn them off. When looking at the other corner from one corner of the room, make sure that all places are in equal light. Darkened corners make the room look smaller and stifling.

Dispose of everything unnecessary from these rooms

Maybe take your stuff out of your little living room, no matter where you need it. Even if your house is small, place them in the basement, in the attic. Do not allow your rooms to occupy living spaces. Do not have a table with more than you need. Give yourself and your loved ones space.

Huge windows and thin curtains

The curtains you use in the living room affect the air of the room. We all want to use stylish and style double-breasted curtain sets consisting of thick velvet fabrics. However, if you have a small room, using this kind of curtain is not right.

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