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14 Great Lamp Shades You Can Do by Yourself

It can be difficult to use the right lighting in your home – not only because the lamps are expensive, but also the decoration and aesthetic lamp that will suit your home. Finding the right lamp for your home can also be quite difficult. Although lamp shades come in their shades, those shades are usually not the most suitable for you, or the most interesting. It is difficult to find a lamp in the design and appearance you want, and when you find one, it can be very expensive.

# 1 -Create a Small Lighted City View

You can create this effect by opening small holes in your lampshade, passing through the lightings. Make your creativity – you can use any pattern you want.

# 2 – A Rooted House Plant

Paste a few artificial branches on top of your lamp to create this cool, natural piece.

# 3 -Kendin-Yap Photo Lamp

Don’t get enough of your family photos? Place photos on a flat lampshade where you can see them all the time.

# 4 – Cover Your Lamp with a Sweater

Knitted shapes are quite popular, and you can get this effect in a cheap way using an old sweater.

# 5 -Return an Old Lampshade Fashion

This lampshade’s retro and vintage accents are made by wrapping colored ropes around the lampshade.

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