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13 Stylish restaurant decorations from around the world

In this article, we will go out of home decoration and share examples of restaurant decoration. We have found 13 different restaurant design examples which have been awarded with their decoration.

People prefer restaurants for very tasty dishes, or they like the concept, the decoration, and they go there because they feel peaceful. Therefore, the decoration of the restaurants is as important as the flavors of the dishes. If you are planning to open a restaurant or plan to make changes to your current location, this article is for you.

Some of the places you will see in the examples are some hundred years old, some 40 years old, while others are quite new. But they are all famous and working with the best interior architects, places worthy of the award in the decoration.

You can visit our picture gallery to see these stylish restaurants.

13 Stylish Restaurant Decorations From The World Picture Gallery

world's most stylish restaurants
the most elegant restaurants in the world1
the world's most stylish restaurants2
The world's most stylish restaurants3
the most elegant restaurants in the world4
Examples of La Spiga restaurant decoration
Decoration of La Spiga Restaurant
Wood La Spiga Restaurant and Bar
La Spiga Restaurant and Bar
La Spiga Restaurant and Bar
Different restaurant decorations6
spacious restaurant decoration
Spacious restaurant decoration1
Spacious restaurant decoration2
Spacious restaurant decorations3
Spacious restaurant decoration4
Spacious restaurant decoration5
Spacious restaurant decoration6
Spacious restaurant decoration7
Spacious restaurant decoration8
gray restaurant
gray restaurant1
gray restaurant2
gray restaurant3
gray restaurant4
gray restaurant5
forty-year historic restaurant
Forty-year historic restaurant1
forty-year historic restaurant2
Forty-year historic restaurant3
Forty-year historic restaurant4
Forty-year historic restaurant5
forty-year historic restaurant6
luxury restaurants
luxury restaurants1
luxury restaurants2
modern restaurant decoration
modern restaurant decorations1
modern restaurant decorations2
modern restaurant decorations3
modern restaurant decoration4
modern restaurant decorations5
modern restaurant decorations6
colorful restaurant decoration
Colorful restaurant decorations1
colorful restaurant decorations2
colorful restaurant decorations3
Colorful restaurant decorations4
Colorful restaurant decorations5
Colorful restaurant decorations6
simple and luxurious restaurant decoration
Decoration of restaurants and restaurants1
simple and luxurious restaurant decoration2
simple and luxurious restaurant decoration3
simple and luxurious restaurant decoration4
black restaurant decoration
black restaurant decoration2
black restaurant decoration3
black restaurant decoration4
From the historic building to the restaurant 1
historic building from restaurant 2
historic building 3
historic building to restaurant 4
historic building from restaurant 5
historic building from the restaurant 6
historic building 7
historic building
ultra luxury restaurant decoration
ultra luxury restaurant decoration1
ultra luxury restaurant decoration2
ultra luxury restaurant decoration3
ultra luxury restaurant decoration4
ultra luxury restaurant decoration5
ultra luxury restaurant decoration6
ultra luxury restaurant decoration7
ultra luxury restaurant decoration8
ultra luxury restaurant decoration9
Elegant and modern restaurant decoration
Elegant and modern restaurant decoration1
elegant and modern restaurant decoration2
Elegant and modern restaurant decoration3
elegant and modern restaurant decoration4
Elegant and modern restaurant decoration5

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