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10 Activities to Create Awareness in Your Child

Breathing Exercises:

1. Ask your child to close his eyes. Children love surprises. Give it a little soap, candle or flower. Ask him to guess what’s smelling. This is your first step in breathing exercises.

2.With the dreary, take the attention of the smell of the soil, the sound of the rain with a walk to a park. When you say, “Let’s take a deep breath,” it’s an abstract expression for your child. That’s why “Let the smell of the soil in.”, “Flowers smell good, right?” If you take a deep breath, it will imitate you.

Body Exercises:

3. You can start loving body exercises with a small race in the open air.

4. You can strengthen your arms and legs by showing your arms at home and showing you to stand at your fingertips.

5. You can get more familiar with the muscle and joint system with hand crafted tips.

6. Children like animals. It is fun and useful for them to watch documentary together, to imitate animals’ walks and movements while watching.

7. With a variety of fairy tale heroes and cartoon characters, you can draw attention to different senses and talents and climb up like a spiderman and prepare a small show for family members or a group of friends.

Activity Boxes and Games with Friends

8. Allow him to create small worlds in the hall or hall. You can make a small tent or hut with a curtain and a pillow and experience the difference of your own special moments.

9. If he observes changes in nature in the transition of seasons, he / she can raise awareness about the change of nature and more easily meet the transitions and growth in his life. With the Seasons themed game box, you can motivate them to learn and create their expectations from all seasons and activities.

10. Pakolino 3 to 7 years pedagogically approved activity boxes are one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time with your child and to support their development in 7 different areas. Exploration, creativity, research, language and emotional development are reinforced by these activities that you regularly do. When you meet with your cousins ​​or friends, discovering the activities will provide the experiences that you can’t get enough for them after your short guidance.

Supporting development Pakolino 3 – 7 years of pedagogically approved activity boxes by following the activity of your child with thoughtful activities are more harmonious and cheerful when you will see quality.

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