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20 simple origami made to enhance your child's creativity

They’ll be very surprised when you turn a simple sheet of paper into a bird or other animal with a few movements, and they’ll even think you’re a real magician. Today, it offers you 20 simple and practical origami shapes that will give you the happiness of creating something nice …

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Meet You with Origami

The designs obtained by the folding works made of paper revealed the art of origami. This concept, which was first discovered in Japan and formed by the words eler ori kısa folding and eler gami ”paper, has been accepted all over the world in a short time. It has been …

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Origami Cute Birds

We love origami! We love making origami with cute birds even more. We also love creating stories for cute animals we do with origami. If you like making origami as much as we do, join us, let’s do it together! Materials: – draft bird drawing for origami, – Colored felt …

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Origami Mouse Fold – Instructions with pictures

Do you already know origami? Japanese paper folding art is becoming increasingly popular, even here. There are a variety of colorful and creative Faltanleitungen for beginners, advanced and professionals. We would like to show you how to fold an origami mouse in this manual. The simple paper mouse is done …

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Origami giraffe folding – instructions for refolding

Origami is the art of paper folding. We have a variety of animal and object guides in our repertory – including the origami giraffe. In this guide we will explain step by step and pictures how to fold the Origami Giraffe. Folding origami giraffe You need for an origami giraffe: …

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Halloween  Creepy fairy lights origami

Are you already prepared for Halloween? No? But then it’s time! It does not always have to be the hollowed-out scary pumpkin. Halloween decoration can also look different. We’ll show you how to easily make a ghost fairy lights chain Esther Gusewski So great are the scary Halloween fairy lights …

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