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Black etamin necklace with rococo flowers

– Etaminbutiktakilar – July 10, 2017 My rococo flowering black etamin necklace model is completely handmade. I worked with the rococo technique of brazil embroidery on black etamin fabric using this necklace model. Rococo technique is a kind of brazilian embroidery which is used in flower making. Especially if we …

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Etamin mirrors with roses

– etaminetakiatolyesi – April 25, 2017 Etamin mirrors with roses. I wanted to prepare special gifts for our mothers who had the most effort on us before Mother’s Day. Perhaps the most expressive of love is a red rose pattern and I have processed different colors of etamine and added …

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Etamin Rose Necklace

– Kudret Arslaner – October 30, 2016 Etamin rose embroidered necklace model. Greetings to everyone. 😊 How are you, you’re good, I hope 💕 I’m here with the most popular jewelry of recent times with my necklace. The cross stitching in our mothers’ dowry is now everywhere. It became so …

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