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Cross-stitch butterfly necklace model

– _pembemasal_ – June 21, 2017 Pattern with cross-stitch butterfly. Cross-stitch is a very demanding and demanding business. It’s really hard to do a cross job, even if it’s a tiny object. But when you see the result you have no happiness çarp Especially if your work is put on …

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Cross-stitch necklaces

– ba-hem design – June 09, 2017 Necklace with cross stitch embroidery. These necklace models come to those who can’t get enough of the cross-stitch. I processed various motifs with cross-stitch technique on etamin fabric. When you say flower bouquets, hearts, zigzag shapes, it turns out that the pendants you’ve …

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Cross-stitch bicycle embroidered necklace

– SEVİL ARSLAN – May 8, 2017 Cross-stitch bicycle embroidered necklace model. Both sports and daily combos can be used with ease, especially the traveler would like it and one of the expressions of freedom for me in terms of cross-stitched bicycle embroidered necklace model was very sweet. We also …

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Etamine cross stitch necklaces

– sirinkanavice – July 1, 2016 Cross stitch, cross stitch, cross stitch baz Colorful ropes, fun motifs and models from each other ler Some are floral, some are insect, some are kilim, some are humorous Kan I’m having a hard time deciding which one to do first. In this environment, …

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Rose embroidered cross stitch necklace

– kanavicepano – May 11, 2016 Hello, marvelous ladies. When we talk about cross-stitch, we always remember the motifs that our older ones used to put on the pillow and on the bed cover. Over time, the fields of application have expanded and we have seen in the necklaces of …

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Personalized cross stitch necklace

– asli.b – May 23, 2016 Cross-stitch necklace that I prepared with cross-stitch technique. This is my first necklace I’m saying I looked and I did. I’m the new one for the love of ribbons. It was easy to find the materials I worked for in Eminönü These cross-stitching-etamine necklaces …

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