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Extraordinary Log Houses

Would you like to get away from the chaos of the city and be surrounded by nature? The best way to ensure this is to spend time at the chalet. These houses, which are generally made of wood materials, are appreciated with their large balconies or large gardens. If you want to feel yourself in a comfortable and warm environment, you can take advantage of the mountain houses like our visuals.

Wooden Chalet


Prepared by using wood materials, this chalet stands out with its magnificent garden. A suitable area for sunbathing was created by placing sun loungers in the garden. With such a chalet on the slopes of the mountain, you can spend your weekend in a very pleasant way.

A Different View of the Chalet


This image shows the view of the mountain house from another angle. This two-storey house has large windows and a long veranda that make the house more useful. With this chalet you can feel yourself in heaven.

Mountain House Decoration


This visual display of the interior of the chalet can be an inspiration for you. Brown leather armchairs are built with the wooden structure of the house. In the background you can see American cuisine and a dining table. The lampshades used for lighting are quite successful in creating a dim atmosphere. You can get an authentic image with the rugs you will put on the seats.

Stone Covering Bathroom Design


Bathroom designs are one of the elements that make a house attractive. It is impossible not to spend pleasant hours in this bathroom which is made using wood and stone covering material. You can fill all the fatigue of the day with light music by filling the bathtub. You will not want to get out of this bathroom, which also uses dim light.

Kütük Mountain House


Log houses are preferred as a chalet. By living in such a log house, you can fill the fresh air into your lungs and enjoy the lush green forest.

Wooden house


In this image you can see another wonderful wooden house. This two-storey house can be used as a patio or a balcony on the lower floor.
available space.

Log house


This log house offers a different choice for those who like mountain houses with different designs. After spending time at such a house, it would be almost impossible to return to the city!

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