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Expert Opinion: Multiple Intelligence Theory

Howard Gardner argued that intelligence was eight sides, not two. Thus, not only those who succeeded in mathematics and language, but also in music, sports, dance, communication, nature, the ones who showed themselves in the picture and those who knew themselves were clever. In the classical approach, while the intelligence was limited to language and mathematics skills, it was argued that in the multi-intelligence approach, man has more than one intelligence, that these intelligence can be developed through people’s lives and intelligence is not fate. In this article, I would like to talk to you about some of the features of the people who are strong, according to their intelligence areas. Then I will share the activities that can be done to support all these types of intelligence.
Characteristics of People by Multiple Intelligence Theory:

Verbal – Language Intelligence Advanced Persons:
• Strong communication skills.
• Has a good memory and remembers details.
• Has the ability to learn different languages.
• She understands well and loves to summarize what she reads.
• Use grammar and spelling rules effectively.
• Has good listening skills.
• There is a good vocabulary according to their peers.
Activities that can be done to strengthen this field: activities in Turkish language, reading-writing activities, activities that improve the ability to listen and tell stories, word games, drama studies.

Logical – Mathematical Intelligence Advanced Persons:
• Ability to establish the cause-effect relationship.
• Ability to make mathematical processes from the mind.
• He likes events related to figures and figures.
• Successful in strategy games, brain games, puzzles and riddles.
• He is ahead of his peers in abstract and conceptual thinking.
This can be done to strengthen the field: riddles and puzzles, problem solving related activities, science activities, experimenting, research, mathematics-number and concept training, read and write preparation studies, number games.

Spatial – Spatial Intelligence
• Strong visual memory.
• He dreams more than his peers.
• He likes visual presentations.
• Understands words rather than words.
• Has the ability to find direction.
Works that can be done to strengthen this field: All kinds of visual perception activity, imaginary storytelling, drama, creative activities, painting and artistic activities, games such as lego-puzzle, coloring books, creating new things from different materials. Games that are similar to the same-like-finding concepts like through different pictures.

Body – Kinesthetic Intelligence Advanced Persons:
• They have skills in areas such as sports, dance and role-playing that require physical skills.
• Mind-body and hand-eye coordination is good.
• They do not like to sit still for a long time.
• New, likes to discover by touching unknown objects.
• Learns by experience more easily.
• Tapping activities such as dough, mud and finger paint are more pleasing. • He is successful in expressing himself with gestures and facial expressions.
Activities that can be done to strengthen this area: Activities that support all kinds of physical development, dance, sports, dough and clay studies, activities to improve hand-eye coordination, finger paint, relaxation exercises.

Musical – Rhythmic Intelligence Advanced People:
• It has a special interest in sound, notes and rhythms.
• Sensitive to all sounds and reacts.
• There is a rhythm in his / her movements while talking.
• It is easy for them to learn the songs.
• Easily learn to play musical instruments.
Studies that can be done to strengthen this area: Listening, learning and singing, playing musical instruments, rhythm exercises.

Interpersonal Social Intelligence:
• He likes playing with his peers and playing.
• Improved empathy.
• Strong leadership characteristics.
• Takes pleasure in teaching other children what they know.
• Has practical intelligence, convincing skills.
• Takes great pleasure in group and team work.
• Attracts different cultures and different lifestyles.
• Can deal with social problems even at an early age.
• Evaluate the results of their behavior.
• He likes to listen, talk and make suggestions.
This can be done to strengthen the field of work: Socialize be places, play with their peers, drama activities, box games, team games.

Personal – Internal Intelligence Advanced Persons:
• A sense of independence has developed.
• prefers to be self and play.
• The ability to self-assess and create goals related to itself has improved.
• Are aware of their weaknesses and strengths.
• Takes lessons from success and failures.
• She enjoys herself and is proud of herself.
• Develops a unique learning style.
• He / she thinks about himself / herself and has a continuous process of personal evaluation.
Studies that can be done to strengthen this area: Activities related to self-expression skills, activities related to creative thinking, activities related to problem solving, individual activities.

Nature Intelligence Advanced People:
• Immediately notice changes in the environment.
• He is interested in the life of every living thing and different species are very interesting for him.
• Interested in nature-related issues.
• He likes to explore research, discover new things.
• Experience in nature comes to him more instructive.
This can be done to strengthen the field of activities: Science and nature activities, experiments, project work, trips, nature walks, ecological studies, study plants, playing with animals.

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