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Different Children's Room Models

Today we want to show you two different children’s room model.Dekorcenneti.com as we both very liked.

Both of them were very different, both of which were fabulous decorated.

One is in classic style, the other in modern style. The only common point of these two rooms is their excellent images


The theme of our first room is Hello Kity. The perfect harmony of pink and white is right, and a wonderful children’s room decoration has emerged.

On the white classic-style seat, pink hello kity patterned pillows were placed, giving the seat motion and warmth.

The pink josefn is placed on a white hello kity patterned pillow.

Our room has two different shades of pink, fuchsia and sugar pink.

Josefin seat in the room using puffy fuchsia color.

In addition, the decorative mirror used in the room was impressive, adding depth to the room.

Our other room was very simply furnished. The main theme of this room was the sea.


This loft room was transformed into a room for four with an excellent idea.

The beds were mounted on thick ropes hanging from the ceiling and two bunk beds were obtained.

Since the bunk beds have no furniture accents, the floor has been seriously saved.

This room, which we also mentioned at the beginning, is a sea theme. They provided it by choosing the blue and white color, using the ropes and completing it with the lifeline hanging from the ceiling.

This simple and perfect room does not have much words to say.


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