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29 sq.m. Small Apartment Design

Designing apartments seems to be quite a difficult process. In this process, getting creative ideas can be seen as a way out. We hope that our gallery prepared for this purpose will help you.

Apartment Bedroom View


The modern design of the bed and the choice of closet draw attention.

Apartment Overview


The general outline of the elections is quite evident in this view of the apartment. The comfort of the sofas located at the front of the area designated as the bedroom stands out. Another remarkable detail in the elegance of the kitchen design.

Another View of the Circle


It is seen that the divans turned into seats in this view. Such useful items can be seen as the key to saving space. A small example of an apartment in the design of a small apartment can be shown as a circle in our image.

Apartment Overview


We can see the lines of the circle from a different angle. The large white space that is provided by the white color seems to have been refreshed. Wood furniture choices mobility in the room
He has given.

Apartment Bedroom View


When we look at our apartment in this respect, it is possible to watch the television in the hall, and to have a pleasant time with this wonderful detail.

Apartment Bath Design


White and gray color dominates the bathroom of the apartment. The choice of cabin with angular shower provided a lot of space in the bathroom.

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